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Mostafa  El-Sayed
Mostafa El-Sayed
Julius Brown Chair and Regents’ Professor
Director, Laser Dynamics Laboratories
College of Sciences
School of Chemistry and Biochemistry
phone: 404-894-0292
NanoTECH Research Area Affiliations
Research Summary

Dr. El-Sayed’s group is active in the following nanoscience and nanotechnology fields:
1) Shape dependence of nanocatalysis of transition metal nanocrystals, e.g., pt, pd.
2) Stability of nanocrystals in colloidal solution catalysis.
3) Optical and ultrafast dynamical properties of plasmonic type (gold and silver) nanocrystals of different shapes.
4) Ultrafast dynamics of charge carriers in semiconductor nanocrystals of different shapes.
5) Use of gold and silver nanocrystals in cancer diagnostics and therapiotic applications.

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