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Uzi  Landman
Uzi Landman
Regentsí Professor
Fuller E. Callaway Chair in Computational Materials Science
College of Sciences
School of Physics
phone: 404-894-3368
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Research Summary

Dr. Landmanís fields of interest include surface and materials science, solid state physics, nanoscience, microscopic hydrodynamics, statistical physics, chemical physics, computational physics, and chemistry. His research in the Center for Computational Materials Science focuses on the development of analytical models and novel computer-based classical and quantum molecular dynamics simulations for investigations of a wide range of condensed matter phenomena, such as the following: equilibrium structure and the dynamics of solid surfaces, equilibrium and nonequilibrium growth processes at solid-liquid interfaces and phase transformations, epitaxy, and melting, heterogeneous (surface) reaction dynamics, the formation and properties of glasses, surface diffusion, atomic-scale friction and lubrication, confined complex fluids, electron localization and excitation dynamics of small clusters, and the dynamics of cluster fission. Landman is currently developing and testing nanojets, which are liquid jets just a few nanometers in diameter. Among their potential uses is injecting genetic material into cells to repair DNA damage or correct genetic disorders.

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