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Listen to Georgia Tech Materials Science and Engineering Professor Z.L. Wang, a world-renowned expert in nanotechnology, discuss Georgia Tech's industry program in nanotechnology.


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The National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network

Georgia Tech encourages scientists and researchers to turn their discoveries into commercial successes, offering licensing, business planning, and commercialization help. Georgia Tech Research Corporation's Technology Transfer program and Office of Technology Licensing provide help identifying and licensing new technologies. Tech's Economic Development and Technology Venture's VentureLab and Advanced Technology and Development Center (ATDC) provide assistance to new business, turning technologies into commercial successes.

The Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC) embodies Georgia Tech's founding spirit of entrepreneurship and focus on the applications of engineering, science, and technology to the creation of meaningful new ideas, methods, and opportunities. Through Technology Transfer, GTRC enables the Institute to maintain beneficial partnerships with public and private sectors in research and technology. The GTRC's Office of Technology Licensing also provides services to inventors and developers, evaluating new technologies and developing marketing and licensing strategies.

To enhance the Institute's reputation for research innovation, Georgia Tech set up VentureLab, a one-stop center for technology commercialization that evaluates innovations' commercial value, connects researchers with experienced entrepreneurs, and offers pre-seed awards for start-ups. After drafting a revenue model, gaining seed capital, and putting together an advisory team, entrepreneurs are offered incubator assistance through the ATDC, Georgia Tech's nationally-recognized science and technology incubator, which has helped Georgia entrepreneurs launch more than one hundred successful companies, including publicly-traded firms.

Georgia Tech continues to actively pursue commercialization opportunities for nanotechnology-based inventions. More than twenty inventions in nanotechnology have been developed in the last few years by researchers at Georgia Tech. The Office of Technology Licensing has assembled several intellectual property portfolios reflecting inventions that could help nanotechnology realize its potential in areas such as novel composite material, catalysts, fuel cells, and gas sensors for the detection of chemical and biological substances.

The NNIN at Tech

Georgia Tech is the location for the southeast node of the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN). This National Science Foundation-funded program consists of thirteen integrated sites that offer state-of-the art facilities to serve the needs of the nanoscale science and engineering community. Tech's Mircroelectronics Research Center is the site of the NNIN effort and provides user support and training for nanotechnology researchers from academic, industry, and government.